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Welcome Home Taylor

We went to town to look at a new laptop. Instead, we fell head over heels in love with Taylor and knew instantly we would do anything within our power to adopt her, and take her home with us. When the lady in charge of adoptions was interviewing me, I asked if she believed that animals rescue people every bit …

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Very Proud To Be An American

In a time when most the world seems a little nuts these days, yeah I am still very proud to be an American, maybe more now than ever. No, I am not hiding my head in the sand. I see the headlines about our nation’s economy and the current unemployment rate, but when I look at countries where so many …

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All I Want For Christmas . . .

For the last few years, the kid and I have been extremely lazy about the holidays, especially when it came to Christmas. The whole thought of decorating seemed like way too much effort, and shopping for Christmas presents? Heck we figured it was easier to go shopping together and buy what we actually wanted. How sad is that? This year, …

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Get Back Up

If you feel like giving up right now. If you think life is tough . . . Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched this video. It is such an inspiration to remind us that WE have the power to choose within ourselves “to get back up”. Thank you Nick Vujicic for the lives you have touched . . …

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Bring On The Rain!

Love seeing the rain breathe life into the world around me! He’s thinking about landing! Oh yeah! Fresh bloom just waiting for him! Hmmmm… No bloom yet? Even busy bees take a break now and then! (smiles) Yeah, go ahead and bring on the rain!

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