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Young Love

Young love . . .   It’s so sweet and innocent. Just seeing them sneak peeks at each other brings back memories of Junior High School. Do you remember your fist kiss?   The problem is, that as I am taking the pictures, my brain panics. WAIT! This is my little girl, my baby! Then the scene in front of …

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Find That Place . . .

C’mere . . . Escape from the world with me for a little while Just for the moment, shut everything out Rest your weary eyes Find that place in the very middle of the field In your heart That is where you will find me I have been there all along, right beside you Let me be your safe haven …

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When Southern Women Get Cold

When Southern women get cold, they tend to get a bit grumpy, and they hide in the biggest warmest hoodie they can find.

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Daddy’s Little Princess

When I was born, my father told his friends I was the ugliest baby he had ever seen, and that I sounded just like a cricket. I think that must have been the moment that I became my Daddy’s little princess. As a little girl, I remember seeing my daddy sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking his first cup of …

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Life Aint No Fairytale

Why are we so afraid to admit to our kids that life aint no fairytale? Yes, I know how to speak proper English, but ya know what? I aint in a proper English kind of mood tonight, you know?   I am serious here though.    How many little girls still grow up thinking that their knight in shining armor …

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