Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2006’

Homeschool Not About Books

Although structure is important, sometimes parents forget that homeschool is NOT just about books and supplies. Sometimes in our excitement to homeschool, we replicate the very things that cause our children problems in school. I know several families who homeschool on a shoestring budget. One of my boys hated anything that LOOKED like learning. If it was in a book, …

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Homeschool Outside The Box

I wanted to give another example of “thinking outside the box” when homeschooling. As I mentioned in an earlier article, my son struggled with learning disabilities. They labeled him dyslexic, and he never quite got past that. Six years into public school he had not learned to print or sign his name. This had a tremendous impact on his self …

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Some Folks Age Gracefully

Some folks age gracefully. I am not one of those people. Tonight I took one look in the mirror and realized that the gray hairs I was seeing could no longer be confused with gentle highlights. Now some folks look great with gray sprinkled through their hair. I am not one of those people. I grabbed my keys, jumped in …

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Valuable Lesson Learned

Someone was watching out for us here in our little corner of the world today. Our home is at the top of a fairly long curved driveway, which is pretty steep. The driveway is paved and curls around the back, for easy access to our shop. I left my truck there right at the corner of the house, so that …

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