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Couch Calling My Name

Day six of our photo journey …  If you are visiting my blog today with the hopes of finding new incredible pictures, you chose the wrong day to visit. 🙂   Do you ever have one of those days where you really don’t feel like doing a dang thing? You know what kind of day I mean. One of those days …

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My Way Back Again

Day five of our photo journey … Just about anywhere you go in our town you can see the steeple of the First Baptist Church. Even at night you can see the lights softly illuminating different parts of the building. I don’t know why I find comfort in that thought. When I am feeling a little lost, I think perhaps …

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Barbed Wire Fences

Day four of our photo journey begins … Leaving the house with no particular destination in mind, I am not surprised to find myself in the country, wandering near the fields, and then into the woods, to special hideaways that bring me comfort. There is something about barbed wire that fascinates me. I think it is the thought that I can …

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Haley’s In Charge

If you have been following our quest to take at least one picture a day for 30 days, you already know that today is day three of our photo journey. However, what you might not know is that today a special twist was added to the challenge. For one day, I wasn’t to take pictures of Haley. Instead I needed …

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Our Photo Journey Day Two

We weren’t positive the weather was going to cooperate with us, but we woke up on a mission to keep our promise. We were off in search of a place to take at least one picture. Although we had a brief moment of hesitation when we noticed that someone had been using this sign for target practice, this seemed as …

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