Monthly Archive for: ‘December, 2007’

Working Out In Your 40s

Working out in your 40s is absolutely nothing like it was in your 20s and 30s. This is especially true if you spent 20 years physically active, and then spent the last 6 years sitting on your butt, working behind a computer every day. The first week or two after I first started working out again, I thought I was …

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A New Beginning

  It has been a year of extremes. Looking back never makes a lot of sense to me because there isn’t much we can do about the past beyond hopefully learning from our mistakes. I’m looking forward to a new year, to a new beginning. At some point before the new school year begins, after we have had some closure …

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On One Condition

Unless you don’t mind pictures of her back, trying to get pictures of Haley during the holidays requires a lot of patience. There are simply far too many things to do that are much more important, like opening presents and eating chocolate. If ya zoom in real close and call her name to try to surprise her, you will be …

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