Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2009’

Afternoon Getaway at the Zoo

Sometimes you can escape the city, or at least feel as though you have, by taking time out to visit your local zoo. Our zoo here in San Antonio, Texas is surrounded by a peaceful park, and is one of my favorite afternoon getaways. My favorite animal of all, is the tiger. Such a purdy kitty. 🙂 I have no clue …

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The World Has Gone Crazy

When the world has gone crazy, I can always count on my kid to make me smile again, to help me understand what matters in life. Excuse Me???????? (She got this look from her mama) I have no idea what she is fixin to do with that soccer ball. I close my eyes when she skates. Awww… there is my …

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Wondering Where It Is

Surrounded in a million unseen faces, all in such a hurry to go somewhere, anywhere. Or, maybe nowhere . . . Suffocating in the mass of people. Yearning for the nearly forgotten familiar feeling of southern tranquility, not understanding where it has gone. So very afraid that I may never find it again. Realizing that home isn’t here anymore, or …

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