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We Interrupt This Blog

We interrupt this blog for a message from Taylor….. Wut iz it wif stoopid hoomins? Yes, I knowz dat most iz a buncha french fries short of a Happy Meal, but I just don’t getz it. Take 4 example da crazy cat hoomin I liv wif. Pweeeeeze take her! Her just aint the sharpest knife in the drawer, ya knowz? …

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Whispering Thank You

httpv:// Browsing through the news today, I found myself remembering this old song by Anne Murray. (Yeah, I really am that old!) I thought of her words, of wanting to hear a little good news today. I realized that not much has changed over the years. It seems that sometimes we get so hung up on things we cannot control …

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High Above Me

While hanging out on Facebook for a bit to nag ask a few friends to take part in the V7N 30 Day Photography Challenge, it suddenly dawned on me that the sun would be going down soon and I still hadn’t taken a picture for day nine of my own challenge! Ugggggggh! So I grabbed a cold Venom Energy and …

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Not Gonna Sing

Sing for you? You can’t be serious lady! I aint no sissy country bird. I am up here waiting for some fool human to drop a french-fry. My kid likes McDonald’s too, ya know. So no, I am NOT gonna sing for you. A New Journey Day Eight

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Are you kidding me? Do you have to follow me with that camera contraption everywhere? Can’t a cat get any privacy anymore? Sheeesh….. A New Journey Day Seven

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