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A New Journey Day One

A few years back, the kid and I embarked on a 30 day photo journey challenge to take just one picture a day. We were a bit lost, trying to find our way back to a time when life made sense to us. Although the results of that challenge were incredible from a personal standpoint and we found a tremendous …

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Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel, As I watched this stunningly beautiful Texas sunset tonight, you were in my thoughts. When the breeze touched my face, I wondered if you could feel my thoughts drifting to you, if you could feel the strength of my prayers across the miles. During those moments when you are certain you are all alone during this challenging time …

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Black, White, And A Little Random

Wandering through thousands of images I have taken over the years, I have begun to understand how much of my personality and mood come through in my shots. Perhaps my photography is how I express who I am. Or perhaps, it is something seen and recognized only by me, quiet moments of introspection. It seems ironic that in my search …

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Dreaming My Dreams

Lost in thought, listening to the blues, and dreaming my dreams… What do I dream of? My dream is for my pictures to one day tell a story, to be the voice for those stories forgotten over the years, to portray what I feel, far beyond what I see, to capture the feeling in every face . I want to …

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