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Day 17: Inside My Head

  Inner Voice: Are you going to sit there all day or get up and get moving? Me: Hush, I am trying to get some work done. Inner Voice: Really? Why are you browsing music on You Tube then? Inner Voice: You are running out of time here. Me: I am waiting for it to cool off. Inner Voice: You …

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Day 16: Not A Gym Rat

  I am not a gym rat. Yes, it is true that I have begun to drool at the very sight of a nice gym lately. I am also drawn to the fancy new treadmills that do just about everything for you except the actual putting one foot in front of the other thing. Don’t even get me started about …

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Day 15: Just Get Moving

  One major thing I have learned through this personal challenge to just get moving is that having friends to encourage and support you makes all the difference in the world. With that in mind, starting a Facebook group to make that possible seemed only natural for me. I would love to have you join me! 13,650 steps taken today …

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Day 14: Follow The Tracks

  We don’t always have to have a destination in mind. Some days I just follow the tracks… 20,602 steps taken today 8.32 miles traveled today I had a serious case of pizzaguiltitis so went back out to pick up a few miles. I am glad I did because the sky was FILLED with fireworks!  

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Day 13: Good Days and Bad Days

  When I started this challenge, I made a commitment to myself that I would not allow a day to pass without walking a minimum of 5 miles. I did not say that I would only do it on good days. It also wasn’t a goal or a plan. It was a DECISION to do it through good days and …

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