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Psycho Treadmill
Cricket's Thoughts

Psycho Treadmill Conversation

Psycho Treadmill: So you think you can take me on, huh?

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: C’mon girl. Is that all you got?

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: Let’s kick this up a bit, wuss.

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: Ha! Getting tired already? Seriously?

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: Your heart is barely pounding.

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: What? You think you can drown me out with a little Kelly Clarkson?

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: You better turn it up real loud.

Me: Shut up!

Psycho Treadmill: Hello? Are you listening to me?

Psycho Treadmill: Hello?

Cricket Walker

Cricket's Thoughts

Your Face Haunted Me

I went back to look for you today.

Your face haunted me for weeks. I had no choice. I had to go back and find you.

I thought maybe you could use a friend, someone just to talk to.

For three hours I walked the streets. I was so sure you had to be there somewhere.

It wasn’t cold this time. It was actually a bit too warm to be comfortable in my sweatpants and a t-shirt so I stopped to buy water.

I wondered if the temperature was ever just right for those with no home to go to.

I wondered if you had cold water to drink so I bought a few extras to bring to you.

As the sweat began to trickle down my back, I finally gave up.

I headed back to my truck.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw you sitting there, right where I had left you before. Where had you been?

I stood there for the longest time trying to find the courage to talk to you. I blurted out something about it being a gorgeous day and you just looked at me like I was a total idiot but I had looked for you too long to back down now so I just stood there, looking past you towards the water.

I asked you if you would mind if I sat down for a bit and you gave me that look again.

I sat down anyway.

You pretty much ignored me as you wrote something down on your tiny slips of paper, but every now and then I saw you peek up at me.

I figured this was okay too, just sitting there with you, enjoying the cool breeze coming across the water.

When you spoke, your voice was so quiet I barely heard you, but I smiled and nodded my head. Mostly I just listened because when I did respond you told me that you weren’t initiating a discussion with me. That made me smile again. I saw that little smirk you gave me and I was content to just sit there with you.

Then my phone rang and our worlds collided.

I knew you didn’t like it and I tried to silence it quickly.

It was too late. You began slowly putting your stuff away as you prepared to leave.

I tried to give you a few bucks. You told me you didn’t want my money.

I knew it was too late. I had broken the moment. I had intruded on your solitude.

I’m sorry.

I won’t give up though. I will be back because now that little smirk is gonna haunt me.

You may not need me, but I think I need you.

Next time I’ll make sure my phone is shut off.

Maybe I’ll bring lunch to share…

Cricket Walker

Country Road Copyright © J. Cricket Walker
Cricket's Thoughts

I Believe

I believe in hope.
I believe in faith.
I believe laughter heals.
I believe I can make a difference.
I believe in the goodness of people.
I believe in the beauty of the world around me.
And, I still believe in love…

Cricket Walker

They were doing their best to ignore me!
Cricket's Thoughts

Long Dark Tunnel

The first day of January I always feel as if I have come to the end of a long dark tunnel (December) and I’m excited to find the light again. I grabbed my camera and headed out the door in search of brighter days. What did I find? A dark and dreary day.

Maybe sometimes we have to create our own light. Maybe next time I need to bring some food to get these guys to pay attention to me! (click the picture!)

Cricket Walker

I'm Okay
Cricket's Thoughts

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

I’m okay. I’m okay

We spend our whole lives telling everyone that we’re okay.

It’s a response that we have been trained to say from the time we were small children.

When we were learning to walk and we would fall, our parents would immediately reassure us. You’re okay. You’re okay.

Over time it became automatic when were were hurt, sad, lonely, heartbroken or sick.

I’m okay. I’m okay.

Ya know what though?

Every now and then it’s okay not to be okay.

Ya know why?

Because one day, it will be okay again.

But right now, in this moment, it is okay to feel the depth of our emotion because when we allow ourselves to truly feel, then, and only then, can we finally heal.

Yeah, I’m okay…

Cricket Walker

Moments To Reflect
Cricket's Thoughts

Moments To Reflect

So many times in life it all comes down to needing to know that we truly matter to someone, that we are good enough. We deserve to love and to be loved.

You matter.
I matter.
We matter.

Cricket Walker