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The Puppies All Grown Up

They just have this way of loving unconditionally. When I walk in the door, they greet me as if I have been gone forever, even if it has only been 30 minutes. How could anyone possibly resist that? Even though physically the puppies are all grown up now, they still play and act like puppies. They are just a whole …

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I Am a Nonsmoker

It has now been 28 days since I put down my last cigarette, and I can finally say it is truly starting to get substantially easier. The cravings are much more infrequent now, and are more easily controlled by redirecting my thoughts, or popping a lifesaver in my mouth. Someone once told me that I need to spend twenty minutes, …

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You Might Feel Like Crap

Everywhere you look, you will find information supporting the fact that nicotine is out of your system about 3 days after your last cigarette. For some reason they associate that timeline with how long people will experience withdrawal symptoms after years of heavy smoking. You will hear it over and over again, that if you can just make it through …

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Nicotine Free for Two Weeks

Wow! I have been 100% nicotine free for two weeks now. I have to admit though, it has been the longest two weeks in my entire life. Strangely enough, the first few days were easier than the second week. I finally realized it was because the second week, although there were fewer cravings, they would catch me totally off guard, …

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Day One Without a Cigarette

I’m a bit anxious and more than a little irritable. I have had a pounding headache since about noon. The weirdest sensation is a feeling that I am forgetting something very important that I should be doing. I have no interest in talking, and most noises bother me right now. I would love to be able to fall asleep and …

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