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Halloween Antics and Stuff

It did not start out looking like the best possible day for Halloween around here. The forecast called for thunderstorms. Boy were they ever right! The kids are never daunted by anything though, and they had Halloween in those moments when the rain let up for a bit. All of my children have always been a bit of a ham …

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Dear Mr. Jesus

From the very first time I heard it a few years ago, this song has always brought me to tears instantly. With the video added to it though, it completely tears my heart to pieces. There just has to be a way to educate people. Can one person make a difference? – Dear Mr. Jesus (video) – Dear Mr. Jesus …

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Domainaholic Official Definition

Hello, my name is Cricket and I may be a domainaholic. I have no idea if there is an official definition for this addiction, but it must have something to do with buying more domains than you can ever possibly develop just because you might do something with them someday. Even when they come up for renewal you still can’t …

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Watermelon Carnival Tradition

The Watermelon Carnival in Water Valley, Mississippi is the last major activity of the summer before school starts and one that my daughter Haley and I traditionally go to every year. It is one of my favorite mother daughter days that we have. This year we were headed straight for the petting zoo because it has always been her favorite …

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Cameras Can’t Lie

It is very rare that you will see me take part in controversial topics in groups or forums. This is not because I am not willing to take a stand for those things which I believe in, but rather that the online venue often resorts to name calling and flame wars, instead of productive debates allowing people to reach their …

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