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This Strange Old Man

Every community has one. Ours does. He is the community stranger. Ours is an old man, a strange old man. His old suit is well mended and clean, but he seems a bit different than you and me. His gruffy, scruffy dog is always at his side. We are not sure where he comes from, or where he goes to, …

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Some Folks Age Gracefully

Some folks age gracefully. I am not one of those people. Tonight I took one look in the mirror and realized that the gray hairs I was seeing could no longer be confused with gentle highlights. Now some folks look great with gray sprinkled through their hair. I am not one of those people. I grabbed my keys, jumped in …

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Valuable Lesson Learned

Someone was watching out for us here in our little corner of the world today. Our home is at the top of a fairly long curved driveway, which is pretty steep. The driveway is paved and curls around the back, for easy access to our shop. I left my truck there right at the corner of the house, so that …

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