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I Got Her That Time!

Day twenty-one of our photo journey … Narration Provided By: Lady Katherine and Jacko (Chunk) “She has the camera again. Just don’t look at her. Maybe she’ll go away.” “Just a minute Katherine. I am trying to steal a kiss from Haley!” “Jacko! Just turn away from her! Don’t let her see your face!” “Katherine! I am telling you that …

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Watermelon Carnival Shuttle Stops

Day twenty of our photo journey …  The sun was coming up for the second day of the Watermelon Carnival before I had even closed my eyes from the day before. Everything starts out very early with an all you can eat breakfast of pancakes and sausage, along with plenty of hot coffee and orange juice, served up by the Water …

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38th Annual Watermelon Carnival

Day nineteen of our photo journey …  With the temperature hovering in the upper nineties all day, it was definitely a sweaty start to our 38th Annual Watermelon Carnival. You cannot help but spend the entire day smiling and eating! Can it be? Is it possible? Is Elvis alive at the Watermelon Carnival? This scene of a man and his boy …

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Masses of People and Traffic

Day eighteen of our photo journey …  Our tiny town is in the middle of a whirlwind of activities as everyone prepares for the 38th annual Watermelon Carnival this weekend. I wasn’t real eager to get out in the middle of all the masses people and traffic to escape long enough to take a few pictures. Okay, I realize that with …

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The Dog Days of Summer

Day seventeen of our photo journey … We are without a doubt right smack in the middle of the dog days of summer here in Mississippi, with our hottest and most sultry days. Even though the sky was blue today there was a steamy haze everywhere we looked. The weeds along the fence caught my attention. The flowers were so tiny …

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