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Wrapped Around Her Finger

When the kid looks at me like this, refusing her anything is very difficult for me. Okay, it’s almost impossible. 🙂 She was asking me to take her and a friend to downtown San Antonio. So guess where we headed? Ya think she has me wrapped around her little finger? We had to make a quick stop on the way …

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We Are Soooooo Busted

Ya think I’m too big for this? [insert off key singing] I believe I can fly … Hush mama! I’m looking at sumfin! Oh yeah! I rock! Do I look like Oscar the Grouch? Security? There might be an issue in the Christmas department. Vroooooom! Vroooooom! Ruh roh. I think we’re fixing to get kicked out of here. We are …

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Tower of Americas Bad Hair

If we were going to act like tourists in Haley’s hometown, we figured we might as well add HemisFair Park to our list of places to visit. The little waterfalls throughout the park always catch my attention. Trying to fit the 750 feet tall Tower of Americas into this shot, was challenging to say the least. Next time I will …

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My Goofy Kid is Finally Back

After a long vacation visiting her daddy, my goofy kid is finally back. And, we are both back home in San Antonio, Texas. Yeeeehaw! After a quick visit with her oldest brother Michael . . . She wanted to head straight to downtown San Antonio. Well, to be more specific, to the Rivercenter Mall . . . On the Riverwalk …

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A Bit Preoccupied Right Now

Well, we were gonna see some great shots of Haley sweet talking the new spring calves, but she appears to be a bit preoccupied right now. So, while Haley is busy texting, let’s take a peek at these gorgeous geese. Okay, I am just a Southern girl, so maybe I have missed something here. Are those Canadian Geese? Are they …

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