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Cricket's Thoughts, Our Photo Journey

Wrapped Around Her Finger

When she looks at me like this . . .
When the kid looks at me like this, refusing her anything is very difficult for me. Okay, it’s almost impossible. 🙂

She was asking me to take her and a friend to downtown San Antonio.

So guess where we headed?

Ya think she has me wrapped around her little finger?

Freight Train
We had to make a quick stop on the way so I could grab a couple of pictures of the graffiti all the way down a long freight train.

Freight Train Graffiti
Almost every boxcar has been tagged. Yeah, I know graffiti is really considered destruction of property, as it should be. But dang, some of these kids are incredible artists. It really adds character! 🙂

Maybe they should pay them to do some murals on them!

Dowtown San Antonio Mural
This photo does not do this mural justice. When you are standing there it is almost lifelike. Absolutely incredible.

Haley and Jessica
Of course the girls had to make a quick stop at a downtown park so they could  goof off for a bit and flirt with the boys.

Street Musician Downtown San Antonio
Street musicians always catch my attention and they certainly add to the ambiance of el mercado. Simply incredible.

Incredible Musician
I don’t even know what this instrument is called, but I was blown away by the soothing music coming out of it. So very talented!

Little Decorative Waterfalls
This area of multiple waterfalls is one of San Antonio’s best kept secrets. I don’t know how many times I passed this area over the years, never realizing it was down there. Stunning! 🙂

I am still fascinated by a pigeon landing right next to me, no matter how many thousands of them have taken over the downtown areas. Their eyes are soooo mesmerizing!

It’s not the country, but I still had fun! 🙂

Cricket Walker

Our Photo Journey

We Are Soooooo Busted

Too big for this?
Ya think I’m too big for this?

I believe I can fly ...
[insert off key singing] I believe I can fly …

Hush mama!
Hush mama! I’m looking at sumfin!

Oh yeah! I rock!
Oh yeah! I rock!

Oscar the Grouch?
Do I look like Oscar the Grouch?

Security? There might be an issue in the Christmas department.

Vroooooom! Vroooooom!
Vroooooom! Vroooooom!

Ruh roh. I think we’re fixing to get kicked out of here.

We are so busted mama.
We are so busted mama.

Ya might wanna put the camera away now.


Haley Walker

Our Photo Journey

Tower of Americas Bad Hair

If we were going to act like tourists in Haley’s hometown, we figured we might as well add HemisFair Park to our list of places to visit.

Hemisfair Park San Antonio Texas
The little waterfalls throughout the park always catch my attention.
Trying to fit the 750 feet tall Tower of Americas into this shot, was challenging to say the least. Next time I will remember to bring a different lens with me.

Viewing San Antonio from Observation Deck
The view of San Antonio from the observation deck is stunning.

Definitely a bad hair day!
The wind was definitely giving Haley some trouble with her hair.

Can she see anything?
At this point, I think she would have paid $100 bucks for a hair tie.

Tie it in a knot?
Tying it into a knot was starting to look like a good idea.

Trap the hair!
Trapping the hair worked for at least a little bit. (You knew dang well I was gonna convert this shot to black and white!)
But through it all, she never lost that killer smile!

After a very long day, it was finally time to call it a night . . .

Cricket Walker

Our Photo Journey

My Goofy Kid is Finally Back

My Goofy Kid
After a long vacation visiting her daddy, my goofy kid is finally back. And, we are both back home in San Antonio, Texas. Yeeeehaw!

Michael and Haley
After a quick visit with her oldest brother Michael . . .

Downtown San Antonio Texas
She wanted to head straight to downtown San Antonio.

Rivercenter Mall San Antonio Texas
Well, to be more specific, to the Rivercenter Mall . . .
On the Riverwalk . . .

Shopping at the Rivercenter Mall
For some serious shopping . . .

Steeple in Downtown San Antonio
And sightseeing . . .

And of course, what visit downtown would be complete, without visiting the Tower of Americas in HemisFair Park?

Yup, this proved to be a very long day for both of us, but it was so nice to be home, we wanted to see everything.

Cricket Walker

Our Photo Journey

A Bit Preoccupied Right Now

Text Messaging
Well, we were gonna see some great shots of Haley sweet talking the new spring calves, but she appears to be a bit preoccupied right now.

Canadian Geese
So, while Haley is busy texting, let’s take a peek at these gorgeous geese. Okay, I am just a Southern girl, so maybe I have missed something here. Are those Canadian Geese?

Are they lost? Or, do they instinctively prefer life in the South too? 🙂

Yup, Haley is still preoccupied but we get this great shot of her knee in her favorite old jeans. Can anyone tell me why we pay so much for jeans that the kids are just gonna rip up?

Haley sweet talking the horses.
We had to make a quick stop to visit the horses Haley met last week because she PROMISED she would be back to visit.

As soon as we pulled up they came running in from the field as if the recognized her. She had to take time to sweet talk each and every one of them before she was ready to move on.

So, how did they manage to capture her undivided attention?

The cell phone seems to be out of her thoughts as hunger sets in. Yup, if ya want to get a Southern girl’s attention, just mention barbeque and she will drop most anything.

Except maybe her cell phone. Lord have mercy, hasn’t that battery gone dead yet? How does she do that so fast? It takes me 20 minutes to find the letters to text message 3 words!

Still texting
Wouldn’t it just be easier to TALK on the cell? Should I be worried when the text messages start making her grin like this?

Motorola KRZR
Okay kid! Close the dang phone, put it down, and let me see you smile. This will only take 5 seconds. I promise!


All that text messaging on a warm Spring day leads to a quick change in hairstyles. How can such a messy ponytail look so dang cute?

Does she still seem preoccupied?

107 text messages later, we had an incredible day! 🙂

Cricket Walker

Our Photo Journey

You Can’t Be Serious!

Hey humans!
Hey look y’all! Humans! What do ya suppose they want? Oh crap. One of them has a camera. I bet the dang kid is gonna try to pet us.

C'mere . . .
Yup! What did I tell ya. Hey! She is kinda cute though!

Feeding the horses
This blond kid aint the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she? This is like her 100th trip back and forth bringing us dried out grass. Doesn’t she realize we have a whole field of it over here?

Yeah, well the grass is a bit greener over there.

Making them share!
Look how the cool blond kid tricks our brown buddy.

She just keeps on talking to him while she reaches her arm over to sneak us some food too. I wonder if she can teach him to share?

Horse stretching for food.
C’mon kid, don’t make me stretch for a little dried out grass.

Horse Glamour Shot
Am I not the most beautiful mare you have seen in a long time?
I really should be on the cover of a magazine. 

Horse loving the attention.
Yeah, keep it coming kid. We are starting to like all the attention.

Kisses for the horse.
Any chance I can sneak a little kiss from ya kid?

Beautiful Horses
Hey, the weird camera lady wants us to look at her. Doesn’t she realize the cute blond kid has the food?

Horse Looking at the Camera
Okay fine, we’ll look at ya, but we don’t have to like it. It sure would have been nice if you would have brushed the mud off our faces first.

What the heck?
What the heck is that? It’s a what? You can’t be serious!

Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness! The gorgoeus mare is a stallion???

The horses watching Haley leave.
Hey kid! Camera Lady! Y’all aint leaving us, are ya?

Cricket Walker