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Looking Back At Me

I looked in the mirror and what did I see? A forty-eight year old looking back at me. How is that possible, how can it be? Wasn’t it yesterday I was thirty-three? With fifty just a stone’s throw away I begin to wonder how to keep it all at bay Then realize some aren’t blessed to see that day Another …

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Working Out In Your 40s

Working out in your 40s is absolutely nothing like it was in your 20s and 30s. This is especially true if you spent 20 years physically active, and then spent the last 6 years sitting on your butt, working behind a computer every day. The first week or two after I first started working out again, I thought I was …

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Still Stands Tall and Proud

We have many trees where we live, but this one is special. Something about it brings me comfort and peace. Standing at the corner of our property, it has welcomed me home every day for many years. And as it welcomed me, I watched it change as the seasons changed. I’ve watched it blossom in the spring, give me shade …

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Is There Life After Forty?

How can I possibly be in my forties? I remember my father’s fortieth birthday as if it were yesterday. Where on earth has the time gone? My first impulse is to panic that my life may be closer to the end than the beginning, and wonder if there really is life after forty. Then I realize that I really am …

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