Is There Life After Forty?

How can I possibly be in my forties? I remember my father’s fortieth birthday as if it were yesterday. Where on earth has the time gone? My first impulse is to panic that my life may be closer to the end than the beginning, and wonder if there really is life after forty.

Then I realize that I really am in the middle of the best years of my life.

I live in what I believe to be one of the most beautiful areas in the world. I have four gorgeous children that I could not possibly be more proud of, and three of the cutest granddaughters you have ever seen. I spend my days doing those things that I most enjoy in life.

What more could I possibly ask for?

One of the things I most enjoy doing is writing. I made a promise to myself to focus on doing more of that this year. When I thought about the topic of life after forty, I realized that I have a series of articles on this just busting to get out of my head. I would like to write about health and fitness after forty, maybe tackle some of the joys, and even the fears we all face as we approach this time in our lives.

If you were wondering though, let me be the first to assure you.

Yeah, there is life after forty.

Cricket Walker

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  1. LiamSwan
    LiamSwanSep 22, 2007

    Forty, for a five letter word, it can really hit home for some people, like myself. I’m not there yet, but as my little boy gets older, I start to think, forty. So much I want to do for my boy as well as myself, and really, when you think about it, there’s so little time, but then again, that’s why I tend to not think about it.

    Cricket, I’ve pretty much read your entire blog, well that’s a lie, but I have spent a few days reading every morning and sometimes in the evening.
    For someone in their 40’s, I can honestly say you’ve captured, generations through your lens, and years of beauty. God, some of your photos are breath taking simple as that. Now I know what a friend meant 3 years ago by saying “The love you have for photography only shows when you frame that picture and hang it up on your wall.”

    You’re full of life cricket, and anyone with that much love and energy will forever stay young.

  2. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerNov 19, 2007

    Not sure how I missed this comment before, but somehow I did. Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate it. Sometimes my photography says things for me that gets lost in my writing. 🙂

  3. Alan Henderson
    Alan HendersonJun 16, 2008

    Kia ora Cricket,

    This is old news so you may have already discovered what I’m about to tell you.

    Despite being a serviceman, I was a slacker for most of my 20s and 30s. At 35 I was shanghaied into becoming a navy diver because the frigate I was serving in as an engineer didn’t have a qualified diving officer.

    I had an injury which had left me with a calcified ankle and I thought I couldn’t run. The CPO in charge of the diving course wasn’t having a bar of that nonsense and kicked my backside into gear.

    To cut a long story short, thanks to Chief Diver Peter Kneebone, in a few weeks I was fit and during my 40s and 50s I was fitter than I had EVER been.

    My wife and I were out running with one of our grown up daughters one day. Daughter Coral was lagging behind and yelled out “What do you want me to leave you in my will!”

    There are very few things that age will stop you doing if you wish it so and if you have the determination to make it so. We all know that you certainly have that.

    It’s not so easy now that I’m approaching 70, joints complain a bit – I’m probably getting payback for 20 years of early indolence – but I’m resolved to overcome that. More bike and rowing, less running. It still produces the buzz and it stops the brain from fossilizing.

    Go Cricket, go!

  4. carol best
    carol bestJun 30, 2012

    Life begins at 40!
    Married by 30
    Divorced and on my own by 40
    5o plus now!
    Who cares?
    I have a few more wrinkles,i think they add to my character.
    Enjoy life while you can xxx
    Your photography is brill x

  5. carol best
    carol bestJun 30, 2012

    Ps not on my own now and feel very lucky!

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