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Courage And Strength

“The courage and strength that you so desperately seek is right there within you. Close your eyes and feel it. It has been there all along…” (Cricket Walker)

My brain has been cluttered with a thousand thoughts, but mostly just profound sadness for the horrendous amount of anger and hate I have seen in the world lately.  I will need to focus on finding the good stuff in life, the everyday heroes, and people making a difference.

When the darkness threatens to overwhelm me, I know it is time for me to head out into nature. It’s the one place where I can find the tranquility I crave. It brings me peace.

Folks often ask why I often turn my nature photos into filtered paint images instead of just showing the scenes as they are. I think maybe I see the world differently than others do.

The photo you see above is what I saw in my head as I stood there taking in the sounds of the trail. I paused in that spot to allow a squirrel I had startled to find his way back up the tree. The woods were vibrant with color. Magic was all around. I captured what I saw through MY eyes…

– Cricket


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