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Day 5: So Much More

  Is it just me, or do all of us have an inner dialogue going on with everything we do? The thing is, one of those voices loves to tell us we aren’t good enough, or that we can’t accomplish what we set out to do. You hear that voice too, right? Oh lawdy, I hope it isn’t just me… …

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Day 4: Balancing Act

  My biggest strength and my biggest weakness are one in the same. ADHD I think I was probably born running from one thing to the next wanting to see it all, testing every boundary, and needing to know “why” about everything. I have never been very good at the balancing act of life. At the age of 50 (following …

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Day 3: Good Enough

  I was losing the light fast and still didn’t have my picture for the 30 day challenge. I was tired and more than a little hungry. It would have been so easy to turn around and go back home. In fact, the little voice in my head was daring me, all the while assuring me that I had already …

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Day 2: Fitbit vs. My Left Foot

  The sun was beginning to set when the ‘lil Fitbit hooked to my waistband decided to attempt to motivate my left foot. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a pleasant discussion. It went a little like this… Fitbit: Wait. WUT? You aren’t thinking about calling it a day yet, right? Left Foot: Ummmm… Well, yeah I was. Fitbit: Not …

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Day 1: On My Way

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”  Carl Sagan Several years back, while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, I got totally slammed by a huge wave. In a moment of panic, I couldn’t figure out which way was up or down. My heart was pounding and my lungs were aching for air. When I finally …

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