When Southern Women Get Cold

Cricket hiding in a hoodie on a cold day in Mississippi!

When Southern women get cold, they tend to get a bit grumpy, and they hide in the biggest warmest hoodie they can find.

Cricket Walker

  1. bill

    Perhaps — and I wouldn’t wish a Yankee chill on anyone who much prefers the warmth of the South — but you have to grant me this: based on that photograph, when they’re chilled, they make darn fine photographic subjects.

  2. Jeffrey

    The coldness of the winter
    stalls my energetic mood.
    To the bone, shivering.

    Memories of a warmer day
    cloud the idle moment.
    In my toes, no feeling

    ‘Take the shot, I’m cold!’

    – Jeffrey -

  3. Cricket Walker
    Cricket Walker01-30-2008

    Hoodies are like life’s best secret. They keep ya warm, and let ya hide from the world, all for about $30 bucks. It’s a sweet deal. :)

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