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April 2012

A Box Filled With Love
Cricket's Thoughts

A Box Filled With Love

Do you have a moment or two?

I want to tell you a story.

For a period of time now, I haven’t felt very motivated. You maybe even noticed that I have not been writing since November. The truth is I have been pretty down for no good reason beyond the fact that after 30 years of raising children, my nest is empty now.

Instead of an intense feeling of freedom, I experienced an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness not being quite sure of what I was supposed to do now.

This wasn’t really something I could share with others because I am usually the one teaching others to stay positive and motivated.

This afternoon the feeling of being completely alone was weighing pretty heavily on me as I slowly walked down to check the mail.

As I opened the mailbox, my interest jumped as I noticed a box inside.

I knew I hadn’t ordered anything.

I tore the box open like a little girl on Christmas morning.

Slowly a tear ran down my cheek and a smile crossed my face.

This special box was filled with love.

One by one I picked up the gifts, a prayer shawl, an angel pin, and a journal.

As I began to read the note inside, the tears began to flow, blurring the words in front of me. I will share just this one small part. “May you never feel that your presence in this world has gone unnoticed or condemned. You bless so many.”

How could she have known I needed her touch in my life at that very moment?

Perhaps God uses others to move in our lives every now and then.

Thank you, Elaine. You have no idea of the ripple you have started…

Cricket Walker