Afternoon Getaway at the Zoo

Sometimes you can escape the city, or at least feel as though you have, by taking time out to visit your local zoo. Our zoo here in San Antonio, Texas is surrounded by a peaceful park, and is one of my favorite afternoon getaways.

My favorite animal of all, is the tiger. Such a purdy kitty. 🙂

I have no clue what kind of duck this is, but the colors are stunning.

grizzly bear
This adorable grizzly bear definitely needs a pedicure after his bath!

red cardinal
I have been trying to capture a picture of a male cardinal for nearly 2 years. I can always get a shot of a female, but this is the first male.

Now this kangaroo has life figured out. Lay back, enjoy the sun, relax, and just take life as it comes, one moment at a time.

Either this parrot is mute, or he just didn’t like me, because he sure never bothered uttering so much as a peep. He just glared at me.

Many years ago I read a book called “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander, and I have been fascinated by rhinos every since. If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

This poor guy looks like he would rather be anywhere else but here.

Of course no trip to the zoo is complete without visiting the monkeys. Oh wait, this is Haley climbing around, huh? (grin)

Cricket Walker

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  1. Haley
    HaleyFeb 19, 2009

    You’re mean mum 😛
    Just remember, everyone says I look like you


  2. Cheryl
    CherylFeb 19, 2009

    Beautiful pictures Cricket! I just paid it forward today and told yet another person about your class!

  3. Amy Sue
    Amy SueFeb 19, 2009

    My favorite photos are the last two, but they’re all gorgeous as usual. When are you going to let Haley get her hands on the camera again? Turnabout is fair play…

    ~Amy Sue

  4. S Emerson
    S EmersonFeb 19, 2009

    Wow! What beautiful animal pictures Cricket!

    Haley is pretty darn cute too.

  5. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerFeb 19, 2009

    Many thanks to everyone for the kind comments.

    @ Amy Sue – she grabbed a picture of me quite recently. You can see it on my Facebook account in the photo album.

  6. jabo
    jaboFeb 20, 2009

    great pictures, its the first time I have seen a duck like that though..

  7. Tanya De Leeuw
    Tanya De LeeuwFeb 20, 2009

    Wonderful photo’s, Cricket! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Pat Geary
    Pat GearyFeb 20, 2009

    It is good to have you back blogging again. The pictures are beautiful. And Miss Haley is of course beautiful as well. What a lucky gal to have you for her momma and you to have her as your daughter.

    I can still remember the trips to the zoo in Washington DC when I was a kid. My grandparents lived within walking distance of the zoo and we were there frequently. When my kids were growing up, we took them there quite often.

    Oh to be able to take pictures that turn out like yours.


  9. Renate
    RenateFeb 20, 2009

    Amazing pictures, love the kitty. (check your zebra quote though.)

  10. Alexandra
    AlexandraFeb 20, 2009

    These are gorgeous!

  11. Carol Wiley
    Carol WileyMar 03, 2009

    Love all the pictures and reading your blog. You and your daughter are an inspiration to anyone going through hard times. My prayers are with you both.

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