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All I Want For Christmas . . .

Decorating For Christmas

For the last few years, the kid and I have been extremely lazy about the holidays, especially when it came to Christmas.

The whole thought of decorating seemed like way too much effort, and shopping for Christmas presents? Heck we figured it was easier to go shopping together and buy what we actually wanted. How sad is that?

This year, we are thinking about doing it right with Christmas lights and everything. Does that have to include cooking? Or, can we do the IHOP thing again? Haley is getting into the holiday spirit a little too early for my taste and is already decorating her room. I’m thinking I would like to survive Halloween first! (grin)

Now for my letter to Santa . . .

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas . . .

Well, I think I will keep that just between me and Santa. 🙂

Cricket Walker

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