An Afternoon in the Country

Cabin in the Woods

I love wandering up a trail and coming across a scene like this.

Well, at least I do until Miss Haley starts hissing at me about stuff like private property, trespassing, and the local county sheriff.

Daffodils in Bloom

Spring is definitely in the air when the daffodils start blooming!

Tempting the horse with grass

Ya wanna be friends?

Horse eating green grass

Oh yeah, I like the green stuff. Gimme some more!

C'mon! Let me out of here.

C’mon! Let me out of here. Ya know ya wanna!

You aint gonna leave me here. Right?

Hey! You aint gonna leave me here. Right?

Winter Grass

Just a little bit of winter still hanging around.

Fence Post

My camera and I have a thing about fence posts and barbed wire.


Hey! Do you know where they took my mama?

Now you knew dang well I couldn’t make it through an afternoon in the country without taking at least one picture of a calf. Aint he adorable? Yeah, I know he is just itching to try out those new lil horns of his, but he is gonna have to wait a bit longer yet. 🙂

Thanks for sharing our afternoon in the country with us!

Cricket Walker

(9) Comments

  1. S Emerson
    S EmersonFeb 23, 2008

    Excellent pictures!

    Really love the calf one. He looks so sweet and innocent.

  2. Pat Geary
    Pat GearyFeb 23, 2008

    How nice to share your afternoon in the country especially after a day of clouds, fog and cold, raw air. Our daffodils are about four inches high but no blooms as yet. And they usually get zapped by the cold before Spring.

  3. Amy Sue
    Amy SueFeb 23, 2008

    Beautiful photos, especially the daffodils. We still have tons of snow so it’ll be a long while before I’ll see my favorite spring flowers in the backyard.

    ~Amy Sue

  4. Martha Bagwell
    Martha BagwellFeb 23, 2008

    What a lovely afternoon!

    The calf is sweet I agree.

  5. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerFeb 23, 2008

    That particular calf caught my attention because he was crying for his mama. It about broke my heart. 🙁

  6. Cath
    CathFeb 24, 2008

    Great pics. You have some really nice composition design going on! Wish I could see those daffodils-still way too much snow here……


  7. Jennifer DeRosa
    Jennifer DeRosaFeb 24, 2008

    I love the intermingling of contrasting textures in the “post” shot – the weathered wood, rusty horseshoe, aged moss & barbed wire. The South sounds nice -our daffodils are only up an inch!

  8. Judy Gilliland
    Judy GillilandFeb 25, 2008

    LOVED your pictures! Nice to have a time out from *learning* I LOVE pictures of old buildings, old barns, such history in them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Veronica
    VeronicaFeb 26, 2008


    I love your pictures. The thing I love the most about them is the fact that they are not “posed” they just seem to “happen” in a really great way.

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