Day 11: Laffin In The Rain

Stormy Weather


I waited on the storm that was sure to come for most of the day before I finally kicked myself in the butt and drug myself out the door.

What was I afraid of? That I was going to get wet?

A couple miles in, right in the middle of one of my favorite parks, the heavens opened up with thunder, lightning and a semi torrential downpour.

What could I do but stand there laffin in the rain?

No, I don’t mean, “laughing”. I mean LAFFIN – the sort of laughing that turns into insane laughter ‘til your side aches and you are scared you’re fixin’ to pee your pants! And, as long as you’re laffin, you might as well crank up the tunes and start dancin’ in the rain. It’s not as if you don’t already look totally ridiculous!

It was then that I remembered I was at the top of the highest hill, next to the tallest tree as far as I could see. Ruh roh… (Fried Cricket?)

I figured it was prolly a good time to boogie on down the hill that was rapidly turning into a mini mudslide. Slip sliding my way down I was praying I wasn’t fixin’ to land on my tush but I still couldn’t stop laffin. That was about the time I realized I had an audience watching from under the pavilion. They were LAFFIN too! 🙂

12,789 steps taken today
5.19 miles traveled today
14 floors climbed today

Yeah, life is truly good.


Cricket Walker

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  1. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampJul 01, 2012

    LOL I can so clearly visualize this! So glad you made it back safely! Good going!

  2. Tom
    TomJul 03, 2012

    And I thought I was the only one to see it that way.

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