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Day nine of our photo journey …

Have I ever told you that I have a thing about mailboxes? I think maybe they bring back memories of when I was a kid. You know, when people used to mail real letters to you. Yeah, I know, that is too far back for most folks to remember, but as a kid I remember literally running to the mailbox to see if anyone had sent me a letter.


Since I finally put a real mailbox up (not just the one at the post office) I thought maybe I could get away with this being my picture of the day, but the kids had other thoughts, so off to the boat ramp we went.

Day Nine of Our Photo Journey

Haley and Shona (Nick’s Girlfriend) decide to show you that it is day nine of our photo journey, but somehow in the process I got distracted by all the vivid colors surrounding me, and had to take a few pictures.

Vivid Colors

I love the colors in Mississippi this time of year. Everything is so bright, that at times, it doesn’t even seem real.


Oh wait a sec! I have a new model to frame in my lens, don’t I? Okay, let me stop for a second to grab a picture of Shona when she is staring all dreamy like at my son! I figure if she is still staring at him like that, even though we’ve told her every possible embarrassing story about him, she must be okay. 🙂

Vivid Greens

Ooops! Sorry! I got distracted by all the color around me again. If you put a bunch of shades of green around me, I can’t help myself, I am sure as heck gonna end up taking pictures.


With smiles like these, I think these two girls could probably get away with just about anything, as long as it wasn’t criminal.

Everyone was getting hot and tired, but there was simply no way we could drive by the park and not stop for a quick climb on all the playground equipment.

Playing at the Park

Yup! Haley is clowning around and making funny faces.

Just another day in my life. Yeah, life is almost normal again, and I am feeling pretty dang good about that.

Cricket Walker

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  • Reply Pam July 24, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    Colors are catching your eye. You see shapes amongst the green that call to you. Your surroundings are obviously becoming less of a blurr. I’m proud of you!

  • Reply Carolyn July 28, 2007 at 12:20 am

    Those shades of green are rich enough to nosh! Lovely.

  • Reply Cricket Walker July 28, 2007 at 12:45 am

    Green is one of my favorite colors.

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