On Days Like These

Haley getting rid of garbage!
People often ask me if Haley ever gets sick of the camera.

Yup! Every now and then, she has no interest in it at all. On days like these, I am lucky if I get a shot of her throwing away garbage. 🙂

Just my favorite crazy duck.
Thankfully my favorite funky duck is around to model for me! Just try and say that 3 times in a row. C’mon, I double dog dare ya!

Today I had a special model (my grandson, Alaki) who had no qualms about sitting around happily eating leaves while I clicked away.

River rat waiting to see if I might feed him.
And then this gorgeous river rat (Nutria) decided to distract me by showing up and flirting with me. What a charming rat! He reminds 
me a bit of a cowboy or two I have known in my life. (evil grin)

Ruh roh! Haley? Dang girl! You better be careful here cuz your niece (my granddaughter Triniti) looks like model material here. Lordy, this girl is a natural in front of the camera. Haley? Haley? You there???

This river rat (Nutria) is really fighting for some attention here!
Oh lordy! I don’t think this is Haley either! This adorable river rat is definitely trying to get my attention now. What a cutie huh? 

I can’t decide if my granddaughter McKenzi is squinting because of the sun or if she is growling at me, but she loves the camera! 🙂

Yeah, I realize this is not a duck, but he caught my attention anyway!

Alaki closing in for a kiss
Oh goodness! Alaki is closing in for a kiss from his mama . . .

SIKE! At the last second he dodges away from the kiss and laughs!

Yeah, another duck
I really have to do something about this duck addiction of mine.

Haley and Alaki
And my addiction for converting pics to black and white . . .

I think I must be addicted to ducks
I will join Ducks Anonymous tomorrow. Right after one more duck!

Even the river rat is giving up on me!
Sheesh! Even my river rat is giving up on me . . .

Some people visit Landa Park in New Braunfels to feed the ducks. Others go there to feed their tummies. I go there to feed my soul.

Cricket Walker

(3) Comments

  1. Jeffrey
    JeffreyApr 05, 2009

    I was going to duck out of leaving a comment but it gave me goosebumps…

    I swear…you find beauty then you make it precious…

  2. Amy Sue
    Amy SueApr 05, 2009

    Your grandchildren are gorgeous – thanks for sharing!

    ~Amy Sue

  3. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerApr 05, 2009

    You know the river rat isn’t one of my grandbabies, right? 🙂

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