Grab Bag Friday Photos

Water Spigot
Huh Haley? What do you mean you aint in the mood to have your picture taken today? What am I gonna take a picture of in the middle of Batesville, Mississippi for heaven sake? A dang water water spigot?

Awwww… C’mon! Just one picture?

Forget it Mom!
Nope, forget it Mom. It aint a picture taking kind of day.

Starbucks Coffee Sign
Okay fine. How about a Starbucks Coffee sign? Oh wait a minute. Lord have mercy they are open, let’s go have some coffee!

Open Sign
Okay kid, you leave me no option but to call this day Grab Bag Day Friday Photos, cuz now I am taking pictures of an open sign.

How stupid is that?

Okay wait a sec, I kinda like this lil baby bloom starting on this tree.

Railroad Crossing Signal
Ya know I still wonder about this railroad crossing signal. Have you ever seen a train come through here? Nope? Me neither.

Train Tracks
Okay, I may have reached my limit on pictures of train tracks.

Old Batesville Station
Ya know what Haley? This lil pavilion would sure look better if there was SOMEONE in it! Like YOU maybe? 🙂

Never mind … This bird is begging to have his picture taken.

Okay this picture sucks, but this lil guy was a zillion feet over my head on the highline wire and he was singing at the top of his lungs.

Cricket Walker

(4) Comments

  1. bill
    billMar 21, 2008

    I liked them.

  2. Pat Geary
    Pat GearyMar 21, 2008

    Well, even when Haley doesn’t want her picture taken, her mamma finds neat things to snap. I’m really enjoying your picture taking again. Looks like a mocking bird.

  3. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerMar 21, 2008

    Haley was busy shopping and spending money. 😉

  4. Brandi
    BrandiApr 11, 2008

    love all the pictures!

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