I Aint No Hare

Runner Lost In Thought

Following a longer than normal training route for the upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon, my thoughts were on just one thing…

“I am never, Ever, EVER, getting out of this bubble bath. I am staying here FOREVER.”

Unfortunately, one by one, all of my bubbles popped. The water got cold, and I was starting to look a bit like a shriveled prune. As it turned out, I couldn’t get lunch delivered in there either, so my thoughts began to wander back through my day and how often that those things we need seem to come when we need them the most.

Okay, rewind a few hours here… (grin)

I was a little over 3 miles into a 4 mile power walk through a very hilly area. My son had passed me multiple times and back again. I kept thinking about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Let me tell you something. I aint no hare!

Where was I now?

Oh yeah…

I am looking up the last leg of the route and I am sure I am fixin’ to die. I keep reminding myself that the dang tortoise just wouldn’t quit, but I was also wondering if that tortoise ever thought of puking on the side of the road.

I really, Really, REALLY wanted to stop, maybe call a cab for a ride home, ya know?

And then this text message comes through, interrupting my music and my “stinkin thinkin”.

“I know I can… I know I can…” (Thank You Snerdey!)

All the way up that hill, I couldn’t get The Little Engine That Could out of my head. I was chanting the dang thing over and over again.

And ya know what?

I finished what I set out to do today.

Ya know why?

Those things we need, really do seem to come when we need them the most.

Cricket Walker

P.S. A special shout out to all my friends who are participating in day six of the V7N 30 Day Blog Challenge. I know you can do it!

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  1. Lulu
    LuluJan 08, 2011

    What a great post. I derailed and maybe this will get me back on track. Thanks.

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      I derail daily, so I am constantly finding my way back to that dang track!

  2. sidney
    sidneyJan 08, 2011

    Yeah Snerdley!! He seems to be everywhere today!! He sure keeps me smilling and so do you Cricket! Thanks

  3. M.-J. Taylor
    M.-J. TaylorJan 08, 2011

    Wow, I love it!!! Best post I read today. You are both amazing.

  4. Sue Darby
    Sue DarbyJan 08, 2011

    I had a similar thing today… I could NOT walk in the garage/utility room at all and decided despite my sinus bug acting up again I’d get the holiday’s totes under the house and find my work area again! With help from a certain 11 yr old of mine we got it all done and I even volunteered to test a pattern for a friend and took photos for her. It was remembering where we’d put the dang camera cable that got me in the end today and while waiting for the photos to transfer I managed to write a post that I didn’t think would happen!

    All in all I can relate to I think I can I think I can… today it’s I thought I could I thought I could!

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      I would much rather face those hills than cleaning or organizing!

  5. Snerdey
    SnerdeyJan 08, 2011

    WTG ya little insect. I knew you could do it 🙂

    @Sidney – It’s the job of a good Snerdey to be everywhere at all times 😉

  6. Ruth
    RuthJan 08, 2011

    Way to go Cricket, that’s how I felt moving house. Only thing was, I had to do it!

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      I don’t think there is anything I hate much worse than moving. 🙂

  7. Helen
    HelenJan 08, 2011

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other, that’s the only way to get where you want to go.

    P.S. Love the bubble bath description, I can totally relate. 🙂

  8. Derek
    DerekJan 08, 2011

    Way to go Snerdey. I need those text messages when i am at work lifting up printers that weigh more then me. lol

    Cricket, it’s not right for your son to lap you a few times. All we need is a tiny bit of motivation or a message from a friend and to finish the task at hand. Never give up is my motto.

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      Maybe Snerdey should get in the motivating text message business!

      My son doesn’t lap me intentionally. He is training to run the full marathon and I am training to power walk the 1/2. 🙂

  9. Teddy Wolcott
    Teddy WolcottJan 08, 2011

    Hey, I wish I had thought of that when I didn’t get on the bike today. Believe me Cricket, you and Snerdey will be in my thoughts tomorrow – because I know I can!!

  10. Jenny
    JennyJan 09, 2011

    Fabulous post Cricket. We do get the messages at those odd times don’t we?

  11. Christy
    ChristyJan 09, 2011

    So proud of you, Cricket. I feel like I’m training right beside you after reading this post.

  12. Snerdey
    SnerdeyJan 09, 2011

    Ahh.. thanks again everyone. If this inspired you.. sounds like a new post in the making. How about taking a photo. Share your walk or run.. whatever it is you do 🙂 Well, it’s 2am.. time to sleep.

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Like I would even THINK of posting a picture of me puking on the side of the road!

  13. Brat
    BratJan 09, 2011

    You’re such a wonderful writer! Thanks for the great post! (I also love the simple, clean, design of your site- Classy!)

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      LOLOLOL! Love the new name! Now go take some new pictures for me!

  14. Michael
    MichaelJan 09, 2011

    Now you want me to Blog and walk.. you sure are pushing me …. 😉

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 09, 2011

      Well Michael, you can do both cuz your mind will write blog posts while ya walk! 🙂

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