I Got Nuffin

A Little Wilted....

I wandered around outside for a while trying to come up with ideas for today’s New Journey post. Did I mention how hot it is? I was trying to come up with something new and exciting, and maybe even a little bit witty, but guess what?

I got nuffin! Big fat zero, zilch, nada. NUFFIN!

It’s hot dang it! Even the swimming pools are deserted. The birds are hiding and the squirrels have built their own air conditioning somewhere or have taken off for cooler climates anywhere but here. The only thing I found moving was the mosquitoes. If there is even one mosquito in a 25 mile radius of me, it will find me and bite me.

Did I mention it is hot?


Although it is certainly hot enough in Texas to fry this Cricket’s brain, apparently it is not quite hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

Yeah, don’t ask.

I was having a weird day and someone on Facebook triple dog dared me, so I had to see if it was possible. It isn’t…

I think I am gonna crawl in the icebox for a while.

A New Journey Day Four

Cricket Walker

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  1. Deb
    DebAug 23, 2010

    Cricket, I’m surprised you saw mosquitoes. We’ve had a prolonged drought in the Northeast, and tonight I saw my first mosquito – it’s the end of August! I hope that the temperatures are easing somewhat. We’re in the low 60s and I have a sweatshirt on 🙂

  2. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerAug 23, 2010

    It’s nearly 9pm and we are down to 95 degrees. Could be worse! 🙂

  3. Pam
    PamAug 23, 2010

    Nice how you turned nuffin into sumfin. And you are right about the temps! Just as hot here. Here it is around 11pm and only cooled to 86.
    Your egg might sizzle tomorrow. Weather man says we can expect 101.

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