Dark and Dreary Start

It’s What You See

I woke up so excited for 365 Project Photography and 365 Project Blogging because I have desperately needed something to start feeling inspired again.

Of course Mother Nature decided to offer me the darkest and dreariest possible day to begin this new quest.

Ya know what though?

I am okay with that.

As it turns out, it’s all a matter of what we see.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

What I see is new beginnings regardless of what stands in my way this year.


Cricket Walker

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  1. Gary
    GaryJan 01, 2013

    Cricket, you came through with flying colors and the inspiration to capture the beauty of what was in front of you!!!

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 01, 2013

      Ha! I simply stepped out on the porch and pointed my camera to what was right in front of me. It is amazing how often we miss that…

  2. Carol Tomany
    Carol TomanyJan 01, 2013

    Agreed – we’ve had 48% less sunshine fir DEC- fortunately the sun was out today!! In spite of the effort, I saw a lot of grey for the month just past.

  3. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampJan 01, 2013

    Agree also! I absolutely love this photo!

  4. Michael Houlden
    Michael HouldenJan 02, 2013

    it’s alright Cricket. We had magnificient weather here yesterday for Day 1. Clear, blue, sunny and fresh snow. So, when you have dreary, just imagine the beauty of wherever the sun went that day. And now, having said that, I will do my best to remember these words of wisdom as I look out at another overcast day. At least the snow helps brighten things up when the clouds are interferring with the sun’s work. hmm…. that was lengthy, do you suppose it counts for a blog post? ha. off to print a cubee now.

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 07, 2013

      I am working on finding beauty within the darkness. πŸ™‚

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