Distracting Pretty Picture

Make My Own Coffee

Inner Voice: Ummmmm… what are you doing?

Me: Nuffin

Inner Voice: You are supposed to be writing.

Me: I don’t have nuffin to say.

Inner Voice: You used that excuse yesterday.

Me: Yeah, well, I am using it again.

Inner Voice: It’s not going to work 2 days in a row.

Me: Seriously, why don’t you go bug someone else for a while?

Inner Voice: It’s my job to bug you.

Me: How about if I just distract them with a pretty picture?

Inner Voice: Sighs…

Me: Sighs…

Inner Voice: Fine. Go with the pretty picture then.

Me: Do you think they will fall for it?

Inner Voice: Nope.

Me: You don’t happen to make coffee, do you?

Inner Voice: They are going to think you are crazy if you keep talking to me.

Me: Fine, I will make my own coffee….

Cricket Walker

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  1. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampJan 10, 2013

    Your nuiffin to say is very amusing and I love it! Good going! I’d say you got away with it 🙂

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 10, 2013

      Eventually my brain will come up with “sumfin” again. 🙂

  2. Trudi Crookshanks
    Trudi CrookshanksJan 11, 2013


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