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Preparing to Quit Smoking

Is it time now?

As I record my progress through every step of this process of to quit smoking, I hope that those of you with this same overwhelming desire to quit will share your progress with me also. Together, I firmly believe that we can do this.

For me the first step was making the decision to quit smoking. I truly believe that this will be different for all of us, but at some point, something will lead to that moment when you have simply had enough. For me, that decision began about a week ago.

I was taking my daughter to school when I began coughing very badly. The asthma attack lasted several minutes, which at the time felt like hours. When it was all over, my daughter looked up at me with fear in her eyes, and in a very quiet voice, asked me if it was time now. She was referring to quitting smoking. My heart was breaking, but it was the straw the finally broke the camel’s back.

“Yes Haley. It is time.”

Now that the DECISION had been made, it was time to figure out a plan and begin preparing to quit smoking.

When I returned home, I immediately began researching everything I could find. I was especially drawn to information concerning very heavy long term smokers and the power of the addiction. I spent long hours browsing through the forums so that I could read well beyond what the research had to say. I wanted to know what the smokers had to say. This time, I am going into this armed to do battle.

Backed with enough information to actively participate in developing a plan with my doctor, I scheduled the appointment. Once I have talked with the doctor tomorrow, I will write more about the plan I have selected for me personally.

Cricket Walker

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  • Reply Ralph (rl64tx on SU) June 27, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration!! My quit date is Jul 13 I’m going to give Chantix a shot! I’ve tried every thing else, so I hope this works!! Cheers, Ralph.

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