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Nine Screaming Puppies

Sassy was fascinated with motherhood for all of two days. Or, perhaps she was simply too tired those first two days to argue about the whole thing. In any event, her intrigue with the puppies is over.

She spends every waking moment finding ways to hide nine different puppies in nine different locations and then promptly lays in the driveway sunning herself. This of course leads to SCREAMING puppies waiting to be found.

Haley and I have counted to nine so often this last week that I am considering learning to count in several languages.

The Face of a Screaming Puppy!

In Sassy’s defense, it cannot be fun feeding and taking care of nine fussy puppies. They are truly huge puppies. They do not all fit at the dinner table at the same time, so she must feed them in shifts.

Of course those that cannot survive the bullies of the litter end up waiting in line screaming.

Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life!

Cricket Walker

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