The Voices Within


The Voice of Hope . . .
The voice of hope still believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. It is often quickly smothered by the voice of reason, and ridiculed by the voice of darkness and doubt. But somehow, no matter what happens in life, this voice continues to survive.

Yeah, sometimes the light dims to barely a spark, but something keeps it alive, keeps it believing . . .

Darkness and Doubt . . .

The Voice of Darkness and Doubt . . .
The voice of darkness and doubt often believes that it is the voice of reason, that it is simply knocking some sense into me, forcing me to accept reality. This voice takes great joy in reminding me that I will never be quite good enough . . .

Over the years I have gotten better at recognizing this voice, but it is a cunning voice that can disguise itself in many ways.

Reason . . .

The Voice of Reason . . .
This voice assures me that although I have made mistakes and taken many wrong turns in my life, right now, in this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am neither good or bad, I’m just me.


Cricket Walker

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  1. Renate
    RenateMay 01, 2009

    Cricket, you break my heart. That second picture is astounding. It’s a nightmare left floating in the back of my mind.

    I don’t know what you are going through, but I will send you kisses from dogs and blessings from the Goddess…..

  2. Pat Geary
    Pat GearyMay 01, 2009

    Sending your way – sloppy wet kisses from Katie (dog) who loves everyone but CATS; warm thoughts and hugs from a friend, and hope that things will get better soon. You are a very special lady.


  3. Amy Sue
    Amy SueMay 01, 2009

    Cricket, there’s no “just” about you – you’re one of the most special people I know. You’ve enriched the lives of so many people, probably more than you even know. (Mine included!)

    I’m always here for you girl. ((hugggggssss))

    PS – Gorgeous photos, as always!!

  4. Bob
    BobMay 01, 2009

    I’m very glad you’re you. Your photography is inspiring. I have alot of work to do. Hugz ~n~ kizzez 🙂


  5. Andrea
    AndreaMay 02, 2009

    You have truly inspired me, once again. In reading your oh-so-personal blogs, it has inspired me to write again, and to focus on what I want in my own life. My heart aches for you, when I read this.

    I empathize with whatever personal issues you are going through right now. I know your heartache will ease and you will once again experience pure joy. I hope writing helps with whatever it is you are dealing with.

    God bless you and Haley.


  6. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerMay 02, 2009

    It wasn’t my intention for this post to come across so melancholy. I think maybe I was just addressing the voices within all of us that impact our thoughts and decisions throughout our lives. Perhaps the key is finding balance within them.

    All y’all are truly the best! 🙂

  7. Lauren at LucasWorks
    Lauren at LucasWorksMay 02, 2009

    Hi Cricket,
    I wish there was something more I could do for you than pray, but honestly, chocolate mailed at this time of year tends to melt, and beer would arrive warm and fizzy…

    Hang in there, and know that there are those of us who would give you the shirts off our backs if you asked.

    I suspect that many of us haven’t written out of respect for your time, but I doubt I’m the only one who prays for you and your family each day, and wishes there was more I could do to help. (If I figure out that chocolate & beer thing though, you’ll be the first to know!)

    May God bless you and yours,
    Lauren at LucasWorks

  8. Melissa Shaver
    Melissa ShaverMay 03, 2009

    As always u brighter my day and bring calmness to my world . I love all the things u send me and this Voice of reason , fits my life to a “T”. Ur a special one ……God Bless u Angel

    huggs ,Melissa

  9. Bonnie
    BonnieMay 03, 2009

    You have written so perfectly how we often feel within. You have such a gift of putting those feelings into words and pictures.

    Like the others I want to tell you that you a giving, talented person and I appreciate you.

  10. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerMay 03, 2009

    @ Bonnie – The most incredible feeling in the world is when someone “gets it”. Thank you. 🙂

  11. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampMay 05, 2009

    As always Cricket your words n the world you capture with through a lens are both inspiring and beautiful!

    We forget when we are going through our own trials and tribulations in life and feel so alone… we truly aren’t! There are many others going through the same or even worse situations. I know for myself it makes me stop and think and realize I may not have it all that bad!

    Thank you for all you do for so many!


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