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Took My Breath Away

Day eleven of our photo journey … It was so grey and dreary outside today that my plan was just to take a picture of my favorite coffee mug and call it good. BUT . . . I knew that there was no way Haley was going to let me get away with that, so I didn’t even bother looking …

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Pure Peace and Tranquility

Day ten of our photo journey … Relaxing on the park bench, just enjoying the sunshine on my face, I looked up and saw Haley leaning on the edge of the pavilion. The look of pure peace and tranquility in her eyes made me begin to understand how far our photo journey has brought us.

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Just Another Day

Day nine of our photo journey … Have I ever told you that I have a thing about mailboxes? I think maybe they bring back memories of when I was a kid. You know, when people used to mail real letters to you. Yeah, I know, that is too far back for most folks to remember, but as a kid …

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Beginning to Bloom

Day eight of our photo journey … When we moved, it felt at times as if our lives had been uprooted, right down to the flower bulbs we planted early in the Spring. For weeks after we transplanted them, the leaves of the flowers looked brown and wilted. We were certain that they would die, but we just didn’t have …

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Slight Case of Tunnel Vision

Day seven of our photo journey …  One of my biggest weaknesses is that I tend to have a slight case of tunnel vision. There can be an entire herd of cattle in front of me, but I will see, and focus in on, the one that catches my attention. You cannot tell me that this isn’t the most adorable face …

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