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A Bit Preoccupied Right Now

Well, we were gonna see some great shots of Haley sweet talking the new spring calves, but she appears to be a bit preoccupied right now. So, while Haley is busy texting, let’s take a peek at these gorgeous geese. Okay, I am just a Southern girl, so maybe I have missed something here. Are those Canadian Geese? Are they …

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Grab Bag Friday Photos

Huh Haley? What do you mean you aint in the mood to have your picture taken today? What am I gonna take a picture of in the middle of Batesville, Mississippi for heaven sake? A dang water water spigot? Awwww… C’mon! Just one picture? Nope, forget it Mom. It aint a picture taking kind of day. Okay fine. How about …

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Lessons I’ve Learned in my Life

If ya keep looking back, you are gonna run into something in front of ya. Be aware of what is behind ya, but keep your focus forward. It’s true. The very best things in life, really are free. If you try to explain to the officer that the light was NOT red, it was just a little pink, he is …

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You Can’t Be Serious!

Hey look y’all! Humans! What do ya suppose they want? Oh crap. One of them has a camera. I bet the dang kid is gonna try to pet us. Yup! What did I tell ya. Hey! She is kinda cute though! This blond kid aint the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she? This is like her 100th trip back …

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Sort of Trespassing

Oh I really gotta check this old shack out. It’s not like trespassing or anything Mom. The fence was already down. C’mon! Where’s your sense of adventure? You aren’t scared are ya? Okay, so maybe it is a bit darker in here than I was expecting it to be. Hey! Let’s check out the deer stand. Ya think there is …

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