Sort of Trespassing

Old Shack
Oh I really gotta check this old shack out. It’s not like trespassing or anything Mom. The fence was already down.

Ya scared?
C’mon! Where’s your sense of adventure? You aren’t scared are ya?

Okay, it's a little spooky!
Okay, so maybe it is a bit darker in here than I was expecting it to be.

Old Deer Stand
Hey! Let’s check out the deer stand. Ya think there is anything in it?

Bat my eyelashes . . .
What am I gonna do if the sheriff shows up? Is that what you asked me? Well first I am gonna bat my long eyelashes at him . . .

Killer Smile!
Then I am gonna show him my killer smile! Ya think that will work?

No Hunting Sign
We’re not hunting dang it!

Okay, we may be kind of, sort of trespassing, but not hunting.

Ya know, I may be a blond, but I think someone has been hunting!

Last drop of Caramel Macchiato
Can I finish my Caramel Macchiato now Mom? Oh wait. Too late!


(6) Comments

  1. Pam
    PamMar 13, 2008

    lol, what a fun afternoon!!

  2. Carolyn
    CarolynMar 13, 2008

    Haley, you’re a natural for the camera, lovely girl! Now I wanna see a pic-story with your Mama as the star 8D

  3. Martha
    MarthaMar 13, 2008

    I love this, keep them coming!

  4. PapaPig
    PapaPigMar 14, 2008

    What do they have in Mississippi? Miniature deer? Or maybe the deer there can’t smell? Either that or they are just so thick it’s a barrel shoot.

    Why? Cause that is the shorted deer stand I have ever seen.

    Probably built by old Soviet refugees cause bigger building looks a lot like a Dacha.

    Reminds me of that old Black Sea folk song, “Rockin’ the Dacha”.

  5. Amy Sue
    Amy SueMar 14, 2008

    I agree with Carolyn – give the camera to Haley for a day, I’d love to see things from her perspective!

    Looks like you two have a great time exploring together.

  6. Matt
    MattMar 15, 2008

    Wow, great photographs. Haley is truly stunning.

    I too think you ought to give Haley a camera for a day!

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