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Much Better Than This

In college I took an advanced writing class. I remember my first paper. It was like my first website. I thought it was so good! I had received straight a’s in every writing class I had ever taken, and I just knew she would gush about how wonderful it was.

Instead, in huge red letters, across the top of the paper, she wrote, “You can do much better than this, start over.”


I saved every paper in the class and hated her through every one of them. At the end of the semester, she called me into her office to compare my first paper, with the last one I had written in her class.

I could not believe the difference. It was as if I were reading the work of two totally different writers.

She told me how proud she was of me. I was floating on cloud nine. Then, once again, while pointing to the final paper, she said her now famous dreaded words, “You can do much better than this, start over.”

Remembering this story today has reminded me how much I love writing and learning. It’s time for me to take my writing serious again. I want to find more ways to do much better than this.

I would love to find this teacher to thank her. She taught me to never stop learning.

Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life!

Cricket Walker

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