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Jack and Lady Katherine

The puppies are growing so fast that it is hard to remember anymore that they used to be so small they almost fit in one hand. They are 4 1/2 months old now. Their personalities have remained the same.

Jack (a.k.a. Chunk) still has to be bribed with food if you want to take his picture, but he won’t pretend to be happy about it.

He is however thrilled to embarrass the living daylights out of me by dragging one of my bras (and another on his head) into the living room when company is here.

Click here to view close up of Jack (a.k.a. Chunk)
View Close Up of Jack

Lady Katherine loves the camera and will pose for you at absolutely no charge, but she won’t let you wash that mud off her nose.

Click here to view close up of Lady Katherine
View Close Up of Lady Katherine

Jack is pretty easy to please. If you keep food nearby and a warm bed to sleep in, his is happy. Katherine however is at her happiest when she is either digging a hole (hence the mud on her nose) or antagonizing her brother.

Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life!

Cricket Walker

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