Day 10: All Uphill

Walking All Uphill


My kids are trying to kill me.

I am sure of it.

Yesterday my son took me out on the trail walk for a gazillion miles and then today Haley takes me on every possible mountain hill in the area.

Is it possible for 6.75 miles to be ALL UPHILL?!

Ya know what?

I can’t begin to thank them enough for caring that I am motivated to get out there every day and do it. I am truly blessed.

One step at a time…

16,724 steps taken today.
6.75 miles traveled today.

Haley and I took some absolutely killer hills today that registered as 28 floors climbed in the Fitbit. I may die.

Life is good.


Cricket Walker

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  1. Haley
    HaleyJun 30, 2012

    Don’t worry, I’m dying too 🙂

  2. Dan
    DanJun 30, 2012

    Looks like it is early days but you are making a great start. Often we continue to look at the road ahead, and see endless mountains which can overwhelm us. It can be wise in those times to glance over our shoulder at the mountains we’ve already traversed and remember “they didn’t defeat me”. At the end of every month I’ve begun writing DONE lists, to signal the achievements I’ve made. To-do lists might get us moving, but once we’ve achieved something we cross it off and forget about it. So the “done” list is used to remind us of what we’ve achieved, it shouldn’t be forgotten by being crossed out, it should be celebrated because we got it done!

  3. carol best
    carol bestJul 01, 2012

    Keep on plodding ,You Will Get There xx

  4. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampJul 01, 2012

    You 2 are doing such an amazing job..I’m proud of both of you..Congrats!

  5. Stephen H. King
    Stephen H. KingJul 01, 2012

    There is no motivation quite like seeing someone else out there just doing it. You rock, Cricket.

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