Day 17: Inside My Head



Inner Voice: Are you going to sit there all day or get up and get moving?
Me: Hush, I am trying to get some work done.
Inner Voice: Really? Why are you browsing music on You Tube then?

Inner Voice: You are running out of time here.
Me: I am waiting for it to cool off.
Inner Voice: You live in Texas. It ‘aint gonna happen.
Me: I’m going. I’m going.
Inner Voice: How many times are you going to tie your shoes.
Me: I’m trying to get them just right.
Inner voice: What are you waiting on now?
Me: I need to charge my phone.

An hour later…

Inner Voice: Now what is the hold up?
Me: I forgot it is Saturday. The gym closes in 10 minutes.
Inner Voice: And?
Me: It’s still hot out dang it!
Inner Voice: I thought you said you wanted it bad enough.
Me: Shut up.

30 minutes of silence…

Inner Voice: Can you hear me now?
Me: Oh for crying out loud. Even God took a day off!
Inner Voice: He was done with his work. You aren’t.
Me: [unintelligible muttering]

10 minutes later walking out the door…

Inner Voice: Turn left.
Me: Oh heck no, I aint going up those hills.
Inner Voice: Hey you are the one that decided to eat that big lunch!
Me: It’s all about choices.
Inner Voice: You chose to live. Now turn left, dork!
Me: [unintelligible muttering again]

Inner Voice: Stop looking at Whataburger.
Me: I’m not.
Inner Voice: There is drool dripping down your chin.

20 minutes pass…

Inner Voice: Hey! Turn on that new Thomas Rhett song.
Me: You don’t get to choose my music.
Inner Voice: Unless you plan to still be walking at midnight, I am choosing your music.
Me: You suck.

Pace picks up considerably and my thoughts go silent as the endorphins kick in and I get lost in the music.

Inner Voice: Hey, dork!
Me: Now what?
Inner Voice: You’re done.
Me: Really?
Inner Voice: Stop dancing on the sidewalk. No really, STOP!

13,078 steps taken today.
5.28 miles traveled today.
14 floors climbed today.


Cricket Walker

(8) Comments

  1. Joyce Camp
    Joyce CampJul 07, 2012

    Love it .. that was awesome! Now see how long it takes for the men in little white coats to appear at your door .. Well you did talk/argue with yourself online then post it for the public to see 😉

  2. Pam
    PamJul 07, 2012

    LOL. I do enjoy your way of putting an amusing slant on things. I gotta learn to listen more to mine.

  3. Ronnie
    RonnieJul 07, 2012

    Love that one Cricket. Hugs your doing great.

  4. Haley
    HaleyJul 07, 2012

    It’s fine to argue with yourself sometimes.
    The scary part is when you lose the argument 😉
    Good job!

  5. Donna Cluny
    Donna ClunyJul 08, 2012

    Cricket, I love this!!! I need to belong to that group that need to keep moving!
    Donna Cluny

  6. Gio
    GioSep 18, 2012

    Well written. I can relate to that.

    Just try not to think too loudly Cricket as the echo may scare you 😉

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