More Than You Realize

New Year Sunrise

As I stepped out into the cool morning air to greet the first sunrise of the new year, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. It felt like the entire world had a plan, a goal, or at the very least a direction to go.

I had nothing, not even a clue. They don’t really offer roads maps for this, ya know?

Shouldn’t I have a brilliant list of improvements I want to make in my life?

Heck, I am a single mama of a teenage kid that colors outside more lines than I can even see. I talk too loud when I am excited and pout now and then when I am not. At nearly 50 years old I no longer have bags under my eyes, I have luggage.

I am either far too fat or I am seriously vertically challenged. I have a feeling I am not gonna grow another 6 inches taller any time soon. Years of laughing way too hard and loving the sun have left not just lines on my face but intersecting highways that I really should install mile markers on soon.

And, I am just me.

Before I sunk too much further into my little cesspool attitude of despair, the Lemur showed up at my feet. Yeah, the same cat that you have to wrap in a blanket if ya want to pet him. He stretched his whole body up my side, wanting to be cuddled.

Nope, that does not happen often. I wrapped my arms around him and listened to the gentle sound of his purr and begin to think about something I told a friend this morning. “You are so much more than you realize….” Well, heck! So am I!

Have I mentioned lately that I am adorable? 🙂

Cricket Walker

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  1. sidney
    sidneyJan 01, 2011

    Wow, that is basically ditto my thoughts this morning…. except that I a little over 50, married and the wonderfully exasperating daughter is in college… but otherwise the sentiments as so much the same. Thanks for putting it into words.

  2. Joyce Reid
    Joyce ReidJan 01, 2011

    Adorable, you are! And so much more. Thank you so much for all that you contribute to the world. Isn’t the internet wonderful for giving us this opportunity!

  3. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerJan 01, 2011

    Thank you Sidney! It is always a wonderful feeling to know that sometimes others feel the way I do too!

  4. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerJan 01, 2011

    Joyce, I would be lost without the net I think. It makes it possible to meet such incredible people like you! 🙂

  5. Yvette
    YvetteJan 01, 2011

    And that will be the keeper expression for 2011. No I am not fat, I am just vertically challenged!
    Thanks for being you

  6. Michael
    MichaelJan 01, 2011

    Life has more facets than what we realize. Our job is to explore some of those facets. There are hidden surprises just around the corner.
    Yes Cricket you are adorable!!!

  7. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerJan 01, 2011

    There are always new things to explore and discover! And, thank you!

  8. Doc Sheldon
    Doc SheldonJan 01, 2011

    Great to see you blogging, kid! There’s a lot to be said for learning to “like yourself”. I’m old enough that I long since stopped worrying about whether people like me or not. I’m definitely a WYSIWYG kinda guy! I kinda suspect you and I have that in common (well, except for the guy part).
    BTW, my Mom used to say that at eighty years old, she expected to have bags under her eyes. But steamer trunks was a bit much!
    Keep ’em coming back for more!

  9. Kelley Denz
    Kelley DenzJan 01, 2011

    Cricket, I have to agree with you on all points. It’s seems to me that the little things in life end up being the things that make us smile. I’m so happy I found you and this community for the new year.

  10. Cindy Cullen
    Cindy CullenJan 01, 2011

    Beautiful post by a beautiful person Cricket! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  11. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerJan 01, 2011

    Y’all are the best! 🙂

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  13. M.-J. Taylor
    M.-J. TaylorJan 02, 2011

    Lovely post. It is so easy to lose perspective. I often think about how those who flirt with death and live to tell usually come away with a gratitude for simply being alive that sweeps all the other concerns away. They wake up and say, “I’m alive another day! The rest is all small stuff.”

    I have a similar point of view. At 57, I have lived a year longer than my mother did. My grandparents lived into their 90s so my genetics probably bode well for a long life, but I still have a sense of living on borrowed time and a deeper appreciation for the gift of life than I had at 55.

    Indeed, you are adorable, and so much more. I love you, Cricket!

  14. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerJan 03, 2011

    M.-J. We are a lot alike in many ways….

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