Off The Beaten Path

Old Bench

Wandering through the park crowded with people enjoying the sunshine, I thought maybe I should try to capture the moment with my camera. Surrounded in hundreds of faces filled with every emotion, I should have felt compelled to take at least a shot or two, but nothing called out to me.

As I felt the lazy afternoon breeze on my face, I knew I was searching for something…

I laughed to myself as I realized I was wishing my camera had legs so it could simply take me to whatever it was it seemed to be craving. Not even a Great White Egret fishing within a few feet of me motivated me to look through my lens.

Off the beaten path I found it waiting for me, as if it wondered what had taken me so long. Unexplainably drawn to it, I finally lifted my camera for the shot I had come for.

An empty old bench, weathered and worn, hoping someone might stop by for a rest…

Cricket Walker

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  1. M.-J. Taylor
    M.-J. TaylorMar 09, 2011

    Lovely shot, lovely post! Quintessential Cricket. This is what makes personal blogging so interesting. You just have to reveal a little stream of consciousness and the reader is drawn.

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerMar 09, 2011

      You knew I was gonna have to look that word up, didn’t ya! (grin)

  2. Chance
    ChanceMar 09, 2011

    I love reading your posts. There is something so real and…. from the heart in the way you write. Thank you for allowing us to see inside you… it is beautiful…

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerMar 09, 2011

      Thank you! Sometimes words just get stuck in my head for a bit, then they come pouring out all at once in a half hazard manner, but that is me. 🙂

  3. eldergeek
    eldergeekMar 13, 2011

    An empty bench still has something to say because we can imagine it being filled. Sometimes our lives are like an empty bench but there’s an important difference; we can choose the people who fill our lives. I choose to fill my life with people who want to make a positive difference in the world around them. People like you. Great photo.

  4. Jim Tsap
    Jim TsapApr 01, 2011

    Excellent aspect of the bench. You real shot awesome photos. Sometime I don’t know if you could a successful professional photographer or a writer. On my opinion I would prefer both. Let me know when either of them, happens some day.

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