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Valuable Lesson Learned

Someone was watching out for us here in our little corner of the world today.

Our home is at the top of a fairly long curved driveway, which is pretty steep. The driveway is paved and curls around the back, for easy access to our shop.

I left my truck there right at the corner of the house, so that we could unload groceries. I never went back out and moved it under the carport on the other side.

Haley got in my truck and was sitting in the front seat, probably pretending to drive, while she was cleaning her papers out of the truck. In the process, she somehow knocked the truck out of gear (5 on the floor) without realizing it. When she got out of the truck and closed the door, it began rolling backwards.

I heard her terrified screaming that the truck was rolling, and ran as fast as I could, but it was picking up a high rate of speed very rapidly. The truck was headed straight for the highway.

At the last minute, now moving at a significant rate of speed, it turned through the corner of the yard and highway, into a small space between heavy trees, only a couple inches wider than my truck. Picking up speed now, almost as if someone was on the accelerator. (still going backwards)

I realized that the truck was either going to end up slamming into the trees, or unforgivably into a herd of Black Angus Cattle with new calves.

Unbelievably, the truck took one last turn and headed back up the hill on the complete opposite side of the house, finally coming to a gentle stop against the hill.

Somehow that truck never touched a single person, vehicle, animal or tree on its wild ride through the countryside.

Adding to this incredible twist of fate, there was a road block a few miles up the highway today. (State police stop vehicles to verify possession of a license and that the vehicle does not contain alcohol.) During the trucks backwards descent, there was absolutely no traffic passing by.

Immediately following the truck finally coming to a stop, they apparently let all of the cars through and suddenly there were a dozen cars going by at about 60 miles an hour.

When I realize how easily someone could have lost their life today, simply because I didn’t set my emergency brake, it makes me totally sick to my stomach.

I learned a very valuable lesson today, and feel very blessed.

Thanks For Being A Part Of My Life!

Cricket Walker

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