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I am crazy about reflections! I love seeing light reflect off the water and glass buildings that reflect the sky and clouds. In life, often we see our reflections in others.

Working my way through the different levels of tech support for a router issue today, had me more than a little cranky. In fact, initially, I am guessing I was anything but pleasant. As the supervisor came on the line I was loaded for bear, but the weirdest thing happened. He listened to my entire story, without once interrupting me.

And then you know what he said to me?

“I understand exactly how you feel. No wonder you are upset with us right now. I would be furious! I understand that you work online, so it is imperative that we get you back up and running right now, not three or four days from now. I think I know what the issue might be. Let’s see if we can solve this together.”


In a matter of moments this supervisor took a very cranky old lady and turned her completely around. I was smiling and laughing with him while he fixed the issue, and literally glowing when he complimented me on how much easier it was to help someone that obviously knew her computer well.

His light was reflecting on me.

I took a long hard look in the mirror tonight and asked myself, “How is my light reflecting on others?”

I am still a work in progress . . .

Cricket Walker

P.S. A special shout out to all my friends who are participating in day four of the V7N 30 Day Blog Challenge. I know you can do it!

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  1. Dan
    DanJan 06, 2011

    Your reflection is shining bright. I often come to you cranky, and leave smiling. Your work in progress… is working 😉

  2. sidney
    sidneyJan 06, 2011

    Your pictures always make me smile!! AND, so often your thoughts come very close to reflecting my own.I think your light is definately shining!

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 06, 2011

      Thank you! I have a feeling that people feel more alike about things than they realize.

  3. Snerdey
    SnerdeyJan 06, 2011

    I’m pretty sure the cat did it!!! Good to see you’re back in business 🙂

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 06, 2011

      We never did quite figure out what caused it, but I was sure pleased to see it fixed. 🙂

  4. Cindy Cullen
    Cindy CullenJan 06, 2011

    Awesome post Cricket! Thanks for all you do and all the light you share 🙂

  5. Glennette
    GlennetteJan 06, 2011

    Regarding the comment about the cat, my cat was roaming behind my desk one day and unplugged my external hard drive in the middle of something saving. I save *EVERYTHING* to my external drive and back then, of course, I didn’t have a good backup. It cost me hundreds of dollars to get my data restored! All because of the cat!

  6. Valerie
    ValerieJan 06, 2011

    Lovely story! I’m glad this happened to you. We need more of that in the world.

  7. Michael
    MichaelJan 07, 2011

    Good article. I am the person on the help line this week for my company (we all take turns). I too am very considerate on the phone but your story reminds me that sometimes I also have to calm the person down. It is important to do that in order to solve the problem. The caller and I am not responsible for the problem (in most cases) so it is important to establish that so that we can solve the problem. Wow, just thought of another blog.. It is like a dam breaking and soon the river just starts flowing and ideas after ideas start flowing out of my mine. 😉

    • Cricket Walker
      Cricket WalkerJan 08, 2011

      You must have the patience of a saint to work on a help line!

  8. Amy Warden
    Amy WardenJan 07, 2011

    Excellent perspective. A gentle answer always turns away wrath. 🙂

  9. Peg Cherre
    Peg CherreJan 09, 2011

    It’s so easy to see the results of kindness — why is it sometimes so hard to offer it? I think it’s because we are all, as you say, works in progress.

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