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Day 13: Good Days and Bad Days

  When I started this challenge, I made a commitment to myself that I would not allow a day to pass without walking a minimum of 5 miles. I did not say that I would only do it on good days. It also wasn’t a goal or a plan. It was a DECISION to do it through good days and …

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Day 12: No Words

  Tonight I have no words to share… 18,010 steps taken today 7.27 miles traveled today 15 floors climbed today   P.S. If you have a mind to, please keep my daddy in your prayers tonight…

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Day 11: Laffin In The Rain

  I waited on the storm that was sure to come for most of the day before I finally kicked myself in the butt and drug myself out the door. What was I afraid of? That I was going to get wet? A couple miles in, right in the middle of one of my favorite parks, the heavens opened up …

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Day 10: All Uphill

  My kids are trying to kill me. I am sure of it. Yesterday my son took me out on the trail walk for a gazillion miles and then today Haley takes me on every possible mountain hill in the area. Is it possible for 6.75 miles to be ALL UPHILL?! Ya know what? I can’t begin to thank them …

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Day 9: Getting Stronger

  I enjoyed an incredible trail walk with my son, Michael Sundvall today through Salado Creek Greenway North. It was DEFINITELY a workout for my legs! It was so nice to be able to enjoy nature for my walk! Thank you Michael! I also found some new muscles (from the little hills) that had somehow escaped the pain before now! …

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