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High Above Me

While hanging out on Facebook for a bit to nag ask a few friends to take part in the V7N 30 Day Photography Challenge, it suddenly dawned on me that the sun would be going down soon and I still hadn’t taken a picture for day nine of my own challenge! Ugggggggh! So I grabbed a cold Venom Energy and …

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Not Gonna Sing

Sing for you? You can’t be serious lady! I aint no sissy country bird. I am up here waiting for some fool human to drop a french-fry. My kid likes McDonald’s too, ya know. So no, I am NOT gonna sing for you. A New Journey Day Eight

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Are you kidding me? Do you have to follow me with that camera contraption everywhere? Can’t a cat get any privacy anymore? Sheeesh….. A New Journey Day Seven

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Is Snarkier A Word?

Ya ever have one of those days when ya wake up a bit snarky and by day’s end you are even snarkier? (Is that even a word?) Today was definitely one of those days when I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends who will forgive me for an occasional snark filled day now and then. What does the Starbucks …

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Hope In The Light

Watching this storm from my balcony I found myself drawn to the brightness peeking through the clouds, reminding me that even in the middle of the biggest storms in our lives, often times when we can’t yet see the rainbow, we can still find hope in the light. “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm” …

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