A Bit Preoccupied Right Now

Text Messaging
Well, we were gonna see some great shots of Haley sweet talking the new spring calves, but she appears to be a bit preoccupied right now.

Canadian Geese
So, while Haley is busy texting, let’s take a peek at these gorgeous geese. Okay, I am just a Southern girl, so maybe I have missed something here. Are those Canadian Geese?

Are they lost? Or, do they instinctively prefer life in the South too? 🙂

Yup, Haley is still preoccupied but we get this great shot of her knee in her favorite old jeans. Can anyone tell me why we pay so much for jeans that the kids are just gonna rip up?

Haley sweet talking the horses.
We had to make a quick stop to visit the horses Haley met last week because she PROMISED she would be back to visit.

As soon as we pulled up they came running in from the field as if the recognized her. She had to take time to sweet talk each and every one of them before she was ready to move on.

So, how did they manage to capture her undivided attention?

The cell phone seems to be out of her thoughts as hunger sets in. Yup, if ya want to get a Southern girl’s attention, just mention barbeque and she will drop most anything.

Except maybe her cell phone. Lord have mercy, hasn’t that battery gone dead yet? How does she do that so fast? It takes me 20 minutes to find the letters to text message 3 words!

Still texting
Wouldn’t it just be easier to TALK on the cell? Should I be worried when the text messages start making her grin like this?

Motorola KRZR
Okay kid! Close the dang phone, put it down, and let me see you smile. This will only take 5 seconds. I promise!


All that text messaging on a warm Spring day leads to a quick change in hairstyles. How can such a messy ponytail look so dang cute?

Does she still seem preoccupied?

107 text messages later, we had an incredible day! 🙂

Cricket Walker

(11) Comments

  1. Wyatt Holloway
    Wyatt HollowayMar 23, 2008

    I love all yalls pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerMar 23, 2008

    Thank you Wyatt! 🙂

  3. Kathleen
    KathleenMar 23, 2008


    Great pics & an even greater daughter… Keep up the good work.

  4. Spencer
    SpencerMar 23, 2008

    They’re “Canada Geese”, and until I moved to the Chicago area, I thought they were wonderful. Here they’re so prolific and so many remain here year-round that they are considered a big, messy nuisance.

    Also notice that Haley is no longer upset with Moma’s picture takin’. And that’s got to be one of the sweetest noses I’ve seen in a long time (smile).

  5. Pam
    PamMar 24, 2008

    She’s a natural for a model!

  6. Jesse Vlasveld
    Jesse VlasveldMar 24, 2008

    Lovely pictures as usual Cricket. I love the nature you’ve got there, not to mention the weather!

  7. Wyatt Holloway
    Wyatt HollowayMar 24, 2008

    You are welcome.

  8. Gio
    GioMar 27, 2008

    Some great shots there girl and the scenery is so inviting 🙂

    So thats how you get to a Southern girls heart eh, with a good old fashioned bbq 😉

  9. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerApr 03, 2008

    Good old fashioned BBQ will get a Southern girl’s attention. It takes a bit more than that to capture her heart thought. 😉

  10. Sarah
    SarahNov 11, 2008

    Im really like the face on this picture…

    She look like a model 🙂

    If she do the hair bit more to updo, she will be a nice haircare model.
    Anyway, she look VERY beautiful 🙂

    Will this girl please mail me and tell me if she will try to be model.
    Then she can have a look on what it is 🙂

  11. Cricket Walker
    Cricket WalkerNov 17, 2008

    Thank you for the comment Sara, but she will not be doing any professional modeling as she is very focused on her schooling and just enjoying being a kid.

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