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Tattered Remains of a Dream

I decided to force myself to take the camera out and take some pictures. The results were absolutely disastrous.

A few months ago, I could only see beauty around me. It did not matter what the scene was, I could find the beauty in it.

Today, was exactly the opposite.

I went to the park because it has always been a place that brought me comfort. No matter which direction you look, beauty surrounds you.

What did I see?

I saw the American flag flying proudly against a nasty gray sky. My camera focused in on just one thing, the fact that the flag is old and worn around the edges.

AMerican Flag with Worn Edges

Okay, maybe I need to find a place in town that holds no emotions for me and just start shooting pictures.

I found an area that is a photographer’s dream, a place with the potential for any number of stunning photos.

Did I focus on the beauty?

Nope, I found the one corner of ugliness.

Corner of Ugliness

But that’s okay. I am a photographer so I can do something to save this photo right? What if I crop it and take the faded colors away?

Maybe I can give it some character, right?

Ugly Picture with Character

Yeah, right. What I ended up with was an ugly picture with character.

This picture looks so sad to me. At some point, someone many years ago decided to invest in new gas pumps for their little business.

I bet they were so proud that day. But now, nothing is left but the tattered remains of what was once someone’s dream.

Cricket Walker

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